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For the last 4 months I’ve been talking to massage therapists about what they need the most.

Here’s what they told me they need:

-More control over their decisions
-Ability to pursue their own career path
-Freedom to grow their clientbase
-An opportunity to realize their True Worth

Does that sound like you?

We at Heartland Massage and Body Work Center know what it takes to succeed in this business. That’s why we’ve put together something that’s almost too good to pass up. We can’t promise you clients, but we CAN offer you a conveniently located lovely, clean and orderly space to practice in KC.

We give you a private room with adjustable lighting, music and built in storage to hold your supplies. You have flexibility to make your own decisions from 12-7 pm daily.
We offer a beautiful, highly visable, central location to see your clients, build a consistent business and create stability in your career.
This space will allow you independence without the responsibility of maintaining several locations.
Based on our availability, we can arrange more time as it becomes necessary.

We’re proudly owned by a licensed therapist with over 38 years’ experience.
This is a limited offer and won’t last long. Call today 913-232-9119