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By answering these questions as you read, with a YES or NO, you can get a clear sense of how high your will is to heal yourself and also find any hidden obstacles to creating a body that is healthy and vitalized, a brain that is sharp and quick, and an imagination that is creative and positive.

1. I am exercising appropriately every day I can even though I may not feel in the mood or have much energy.

2. I see to it that I get enough sleep and have given up the silly idea of “getting by” with too little sleep.

3. I read current research on foods that heal, and I eat these foods. I drink pure water and eat organic foods whenever possible. I am eating green and yellow vegetables, fruit, and some kind of protein every day. I am also cutting way back on sugar, alcohol, and smoking with the goal of eliminating every obstacle to a great body.

4. I read current research on supplements and take advantage of the appropriate supplements and/or vitamins to accelerate healing myself and maintaining a healthy body.

5. Every day I spend a few minutes creating Inner Stillness, relaxing my body and mind and opening the space for new insights to find a landing place.

6. Understanding the power of my thoughts to create what I want, I am using my active imagination to visualize a picture of my perfect health. I make this picture of myself so vivid and real that it causes me to smile.

7. There are nearly always a few perks in being sick. I am examining those “advantages” that pertain to me, knowing that they block my healing efforts. (These advantages include attention or sympathy from others, unemployment or other insurance money, a well-deserved rest from overwork, boredom, or from some unpleasant job or responsibility.)

8. I realize that loyalty to my parents need not include having the same health problems that either of them had. Genetics merely indicate one possibility. They would be delighted for me to bypass that possibility and enjoy a long and healthy life.

9. Recognizing that the quality of Gratitude is a powerful healing ointment, I select two or three things (within my consciousness or in my environment) each day that I am deeply grateful for.

10. Realizing the importance of positive expectations and the anticipation that my body will respond with good health, I am planning something that I truly would love to do, perhaps visiting somewhere I have never been, as soon as my body is strong and healthy.

Give each YES response 10 points. For six “YES” responses, your will to heal is 60, a positive balance for healing. If you have 7 to 10 YES responses, your will to heal yourself is very strong. Regardless of where you scored yourself, perhaps you can add the missing YES responses to accelerate healing and to deepen the experience of joy and happiness.

The first level of healing oneself is food, exercise, sunlight, and sleep. Some people can probably create the body and brain they need with a YES response to the first four statements and a NO to all the rest.

We also need the mental and spiritual energies that create excellent health. When I forget to honor any of the statements from 5 through 10, my body slows down to remind me and my brain forgets things I want to remember, or my enthusiasm drops for the work I love doing — studying new subjects, writing books, teaching, and traveling.

The next level involves the soul. When we are no longer learning or teaching, our soul starts withdrawing from the body to plan its next great adventure. This withdrawal can be slow and gradual or quite rapid. Some people are aware of a time in their past when they came to a fork in the road and had to take a new direction. They realized they had to let go of certain beliefs and fears and chose a new life direction to be healthy and strong. This is demonstrated frequently by those who overcome cancer or other life-threatening diseases and prove doctors’ predictions wrong.