I’ve been looking forward to launching this feature on Our Heartland Website. If we’ve worked together,
I have often encouraged you to buy,find,look at an anatomy book to see the location,shape, direction, and size of a muscle that might be troubling you.

Muscle of the Month I hope will be an easy access tool to study or become familiar with different muscles and muscle groups of the body. I’ve added a link to a video that show anatomy and movement for reference here:
Thanks Arlando

I must give a huge shout out to The Books of Discovery Team for the use of these lovely images and permission to publish them here . . https://booksofdiscovery.com/product/trail-guide-to-the-body-flashcards-complete-set-6th-edition/ The above link takes to their latest edition. On the site we will using an earlier 4th edition.

We’re gonna start with Muscles of the Shoulder and Arm. These 3 cards give you a complete view of shoulder arm area. Starting next month we’ll be showcasing one or two muscle each month until we cover this complete muscle group. WooHoo!