I am not an alarmist by nature so my posting this here comes as a result of a book I read some time ago.

Robes: A Book of Coming Changes, made such an impression upon me, that these questions, asked by the author, Penny Kelly, stopped me in my tracks, and have stayed with me since that first reading.

What is presented below is the authors questions from the book on page 301. I have promised to add this doc to my site for several clients and today felt like the Now moment to do it.

For what it is worth, no matter what else is happening in the world, each person able to first assess their life, then set about acting upon these questions and their answers, SHOULD DO SO,not because of a looming danger, but more for personal peace of mind and a sense of well being.

” failure to plan = planning to fail “by someone who knows the TRUTH”

Please use these questions to entertain your life possibilites, not become a zealot of danger or bad omens.



Important Questions for any Human Wanting to be Self Sustaining

What do you know about growing or preserving food?

Where would you get seeds?

How many herbs are you familiar with and can recognize on sight?

How much do you know about healing yourself without fancy drugs or surgeries?

How many trees grow around your house to make it comfortable if you were without air conditioning for the time?

Do you have any backup systems for heat, lights and water?

How much do you know about the other energy sources and technologies?

What do you know about building or repairing a home or other shelter?

If you had to retrofit your home to accommodate a much more self-sufficient lifestyle, where would you begin?

In fact, what does self-sufficiency mean to you?

Would you have the supplies or the skills to live in a self-sufficient manner?

Who do you know that has weaving and sewing skills?

How would you cook or bake without gas stoves or electricity?

Who do you know that can make dishes, pans, and bake ware?

When is the last time you were out in nature for any length of time?

Could you make bricks, lumber, or thatch if you had to?

Do you have a computer at home and are you familiar with the internet?

How many hours of physical work can you do at a time and for how many days in a row?

How much thought have you given to the possibility that you might have to combine skills and resources with several other families?

Who would you be most comfortable living with?

Who do you think would be able to live with you?