“It’s never too late to become the
person you might have been.”
– George Elliot

the following astrological information is from Carol Barbeau.
I like what she is saying about the current and upcoming planetary influences we are working with

its a long read but well worth it for inspiration

have a great day full of self appreciation


HAPPY FULL moon and PLUTO article
Posted by: “Karen” kkarbo@infodash.com starbluedreamer
Tue Jan 22, 2008 4:05 pm (PST)
HAPPY FULL moon and PLUTO article

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BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS: Mercury rx. Coming

Tuesday 22nd FULL MOON and MOON night for a new group

This full moon releases Karma from the old ways of consciousness
And thinking that we are not worthy, talented, or deserving enough.

Let this magic moon work on your life and CREATE and bring
Out the LEO in your. The brave and bold heart moving into
Creativity and using the Aquarius Sun to break old patterns
Of thought we are having a WONDERFUL FULL MOON
At 5:35am here in Seattle.

5:16pm MERCURY and Neptune join. Logical and linear
Thought patterns flow into the collective and somewhat
Illusionary energy of the planet of Intuition and (confusion)
Neptune. Trust what you FEEL inside and not what you
See or hear is the message of this aspect.
– Since this is a powerful Full moon day how about
you wear the color YOU want? I shall pick Green
for healing
– I will wear Peridot which to me is the stone
of Opening the mind and the spirit
– Oil of Sage to help clear the past and clean
the air OR whatever smell you like?
– Kiss for today…how about you PRETEND that this
is truly the first day of your life And be willing to
forget past hurts, and angers and resentments and move
forward fearless and as a child. Open and willing
to receive as well as give? AND LETTING GO OF
Part of this for us all isn’t it?

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Wednesday January 23, 2008 Balance is the key today
Today on the eve of a rather powerful Full moon we begin
To set the stage as to what is reality in our life and what
Is illusion. What do we believe and what are we seeing
Kind of is the question today.

At 2:49pm the moon in Passionate Leo makes
An opposition to Neptune and we should be able
To distance ourselves from illusion enough to see
Clearly some things which no longer serve us.

4:13pm care with what you say or agree to as
Mercury moves into opposition with the moon
And Mercury is in the retrograde shadow already so
Locked lips could be happy lips today.

8:44pm as the moon makes a great aspect with Mars
We begin to settle into an evening of great possibilities.
The planet of Love (Venus) touches (Pluto) transformation
At 10:57pm and all in all this will have been a very
Interesting day for our political system I believe.
– Color today Orange for creativity or pink for love
– Use Jasmine or rose Oil for love and connection
– Today carries either a need for passionate and
Intense stones like ruby, sapphire and Golden
Citrine, or something soft and fluffy like pearls,
Rose quartz, or if you are READY? Have you
Ever seen PINK COMMON OPAL? I had such
A difficult time with this stone until someone
Told me this is the stone that just wants to GIVE
Unconditional love to you. This will be my choice
– Kiss for today, find joy and connect with friends
And remember you come only ONCE along this path
So make the most of it.

“Growing up I often heard the scripture about loving your neighbor
as yourself. I somehow grew up to learn to love my neighbor more than
After 40 years, I am just now beginning to practice truly loving myself.
I am learning now about why loving me is so important.
Without me there is no we.”- Wynonna Judd

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Thursday January 24, 2008 HARD WORK DAY IS here

Today with the moon in Leo moving v/c at 6;43am and into Virgo
5 minutes later, we should awaken with a list and an attention
To detail much stronger than normal.

At 12:06am Venus the planet of love and beauty donned her
Capricorn Garb and now we want More and are willing to work
Harder to get it.

We have quite a few aspects today, good ones. And at
8;13pm here in Seattle the moon in Virgo Touches Saturn
Going backwards in the same sign. Look at yourself strongly
Today and make sure that you do not act from jealousy, or do
That manipulation thingey with others. IT is not going to work well
And could cost you more than you would believe.

Changes for the better are here, but maybe today we are
Still looking behind us at things we have not let go of yet?
If so. LET GO and move forward. Work and details will
Go well the next 2 days. Griping about what could have been
Will not.
– Color today blue green for heart and healing
– Turquoise for the same
– Oil of Joy, or lemon, oranges, tangering
Make sure and do your vitamins today, lots of us will
Be working harder than normal.
– Kiss for today, be aware of your health today and look
At some new options to help you physically increase stamina

“In order that people may be happy in their work, these
three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must
not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success
in it.”- John Ruskin

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Friday January 25, 2008 Another work day
Into CAPRICORN today:

I have my PLUTO IN CAPRICORN article and also
An eclipse article. Please e mail me and I will send
Them to you personally since they are not on the
Website yet.

12:44pm the moon (Emotions and feelings) in
Practical Virgo makes an Opposition or aspect
Requiring compromise with the planet of surprises
And changes Uranus. Not the day to get electrical
Work done and many of us may experience some
Computer things happening.

We have another VERY earth centered day ahead
Of us. I have done a very good cd on this and
Can send it to you if you wish.with your updated
And colored chart. THIS energy of EARTH and
Sustainability of resources, and choices we are
To make and changes is going to be Very strong
For the rest of my life and many of yours. AND
it begins today.
– Color today white the color of higher consciousness
– Use a pink stone if you want friendship and love
Or Orange today to feel energized (carnelian)
– Oil of thieves, oil which kills germs in the air
– Kiss for today Get ready to begin to shine and
Really be proud of yourself, it is coming

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19) .
Animal Guide: snow goose.
Clan: turtle .Plant: birch tree
.Power Direction: North .
Stone: quartz crystal .
Color: white
Motto: “I Utilize”

“It’s never too late to become the
person you might have been.”
– George Elliot

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I am going to put the PLUTO ARTICLE HERE: IT is long
And not for those who are NOT interested in Astrology.
So stop here if you wish, and I will write more after the
FULL MOON tomorrow.

PLUTO IS HEAVY stuff so enjoy the lighter stuff above
if you choose…or delve deeply into a huge article..
Namaste Carol Barbeau

Pluto moves Into Capricorn

For me personally this has been a very difficult article to write.
I read pages and pages and pages of other Good Astrologers
writing and hear things like NEW WORLD ORDER: and, hear
Hitler’s voice in my head and hear work, and more work.Not my
Libra souls favorite thing to tell people who are already working
too hard. So what if, our work will be what opens our
Souls to joy and makes us SING with delight, and do you know
what that would be?

And Perhaps NEW world order really Does have to begin with
new Thinking about who we are, what we do and what we are
capable of doing, as we enter January 01, 2008 a Number 1 year
of new Beginnings for the planet. Pluto in astrology in your own
personal chart shows an astrologer what generation you belong
to but much more it shows your own Strengths.

I think of Pluto as the Dark Lord. This planet of transformation
and changes has been demoted
To a dwarf planet by astronomers but those of us who have
followed its transits (traveling) through the ages and signs
know this is the MOST powerful energy out there.

I once thought that God was like Jupiter, larger than life,
benevolent and a good Father. Then life happened, and
I began to realize that if there were a planet in the sky
which represented the highest deity that it would have to be Pluto.

What is it within us that allows us to plummet to the depths of
death, destruction, despair and Loneliness and Raise our heads
up to GREET the Dawn with an optimism, and a I KNOW I can
do it attitude? What is it about the SOUL of humankind
which endures loss, destruction, heartbreak and begins
anew and becomes more than we thought we could be?

Pluto in our charts shows our strengths as generations and in
the sky gives us the knowledge that Even like the Dark Lord
(Darth Vader) we can be reborn anew and from evil can come
good and from despair can come joy. Death, destruction and
rebirth do not seem happy themes for a planet in the sky do they?
But, aren’t they the things which happen in our personal lives
and which make us stronger?

Losing a job is a death, a new career is birth also isn’t it?
Moving, new relationships, children, friends, all is part of a
huge cycle of endings and new beginnings. Pluto is the hand
often behind many of these changes in our lives assisting us to
push forward and Bloom even when the ground and our
environment seems sterile and all hope is lost.

The Capricorn Generation is coming January 2008
Because of Pluto’s SLOW movement this planet will go into a
sign and then go retrograde, back into the LAST sign it was in
and then forward .This usually happens two to 3 times so those
Who are born at the end of a PLUTO Era can also have Pluto in
the sign before this sign. A sign is the way that the planet can
PLAY out its theme and a new theme song is beginning for us all.

Pluto will be in the Sign of Capricorn beginning
1/25/2008 Pluto Enters Capricorn 11:25pm pst then it backs
into Sagittarius 6/13/2008 until 11/26/2008 when it re enters
Capricorn to stay until it enters Aquarius on 3/23/2023

Pluto moves From Sagittarius Optimism to Capricorn growth, back
to optimism, and back to growth during this next year .

Then, 3/23/2023 when Pluto Enters Aquarius until it backs into
Capricorn 6/10/2023
Then re enters Aquarius 1/20/2024 then backs for the 3rd time
into Capricorn on 9/1/24 until it Finally re enters Aquarius to stay on
11/19/2024 …

Confused? Well, maybe these changes happening during this
time are going to need both The energy of Capricorn
(the establishment and order, ruled by Saturn) and Aquarius
the energy of the rebel and Ruled by Uranus the planet of change.
Just as the changes we are to make now need the Sagittarius
FIRE and power and optimism and the Capricorn earth and stability.

So, this year we will deal from June 13, 2008 until 11/26/2008
with Sagittarius issues of personal freedom, truth, justice and order
as PLUTO retrogrades out of Capricorn Back into Sagittarius.

So, YES, political matters are going to change hugely. AND
large corporations will try and gain power and there will be
natural disasters. AND::: How old are you? When has this
not been happening on this planet during your lifetime?
So.ok, we have that one out of the way.

Pluto in Capricorn to me is the OPRAH show..the energy
of people joining to create their own Systems, their own food
drives, helping the needy, Doctors without borders, the Smile
foundation which helps children all over the world and thousands
of others things happening as people come together and

Pluto in Capricorn is Norma Menzies the woman who began the
Bluebird of Happiness organization wanting for her 70th birthday
to have a raffle and No presents but get enough to fix 10 children’s
cleft palates. IT is the new groups and healing circles and people
showing up when there is a disaster to help. To me It is hundreds
of people arriving at a local store after a flood here in
Washington State with food, water, blankets and
All kinds of things to help people who they did not even know.
We are already in this energy so we have nothing to fear do we?

Organization and Groups do not have to be designed just for Money
but that is the coin Of the realm so you are seeing highly inflated
mortgages and peoples homes being repossessed. Because we overextended.
New fines for traffic infringements, tolls for roads and bridges and
the reality of this Capricorn and GRAND Trine of earth energy.

Inflation and optimism has been a part of this Sagittarius energy
and Now Capricorn says, what is the BOTTOM LINE and lets do this
in a way that WORKS and lets get our lives back in alignment with
what we can afford for our family, ourselves and our planet:

Pluto in Capricorn the last time brought civil disobedience and
the BOSTON TEA party and The War where we broke from King
George and BEGAN the United States. So, now our country is
having its PLUTO RETURN 260 years and how are we doing? IS it time to
Realign ourselves and our laws? And create a more workable system?

These are all questions that will be answered over the next few years
and which I have no answer for. But knowing astrology as i do I know
that the UNIVERSE is delivering us and the planet JUST WHAT WE NEED now.

In Astrology (This is just a kiss) (Keep it simple sweetie)
So, at the sign of Sagittarius we move from the PERSONAL
ENERGY into transpersonal energy. Transpersonal means the
good of the all outweighs the good of the one and that we are all
in this together on this planet.

Sagittarius is about far visions, truth, justice, equality
and though many of you may know Sagittarius sun sign
people who you might disagree with this.the intention of the sign is
What we work with for its HIGHEST Vibrational energy.
So, Pluto in Sagittarius has been our passion, our truth and our
justice for all with Pluto in this sign for the last 13 years.

Now Capricorn energy is where. Capricorn is the sign which brings
the Winter Solstice and the LIGHT as days become longer and nights
shorter. Capricorn says we must all climb the mountain and achieve more.
Capricorn is the energy of INITIATION and aren’t we all realizing
that the world we thought we had is not here anymore. Is it time
for us to bring back nature, to make the planet healthier and ourselves

Capricorn is the final Earth sign and All Earth signs want to BUILD
and this next 2 and ½ years we have a GRAND TRINE OF EARTH
energy. All of us have this within our charts but more importantly
this is the LIGHT SHINING upon this planet.

This energy says to me, we do not have to be perfect, but work to
be the best you can be and each day you Will become more.
Work for a better world and in turn that will create a better me.
So, we can truly individually join together to create a new world order.
IF the Government will not do what we need, then you will see
Greenpeace, and other world organizations creating a NEW WORLD order.

Small groups taking over and replacing large outdated and top heavy
Organizations and A NEW order has already begun if we think about it.

All of the earth signs represent thoughts, things, and energy which
we can touch, see, feel, taste and EARTH wants to keep it REAL:
Our Sagittarius dreams of the SECRET and much more have been
to inspire and illuminate us for the real work ahead which is to
clean up the planet And the world.

But first we have to clean up ourselves, our thoughts and
our visions and our ideas. So we have CHIRON the wounded
healer moving closer and closer to Neptune in Aquarius
(another article coming on this one) (Aquarius is an AIR or ideas sign)
But being aware that Neptune (intuition and illusion) and
Chiron (healing the wounds of the planets are January 01, 2008
7 degrees apart and move increasingly closer together until they
merge energies with Jupiter the planet of expansion on June 01, 2009
to create a very different energy and one which is anything but earth and

As the energies of intuition (Neptune) and healing (Chiron) are moving
closer and closer together until Chiron Moves to Pisces June 3, 2010
we will see health care and much more change in our world and
YOU WILL have an important part in it all. Aquarius is an air sign so
a huge part of this creation of a new world seems to begin with the way we

Remember that Our Country, the United States of America
was Created while Pluto was in Capricorn so there is an energy
of the rebel inherent within this sign also.

I will quote Mark Dodich a friend and fellow astrologer in
Portland Oregon www.astromark. us
mark@astromark. us “Spiritually, Capricorn is the sign of initiation
into a higher order of life. Like a snake shedding its skin, the old self
is released to make way for the new. What old structures of your
life no longer serve your highest good? Expansive Jupiter entered
Capricorn for a one year period December 2006 to help kick off this
new planetary frequency. Jupiter asks you to take risks on yourself,
and Capricorn asks you to do it in a cautious way. Know that you are
in the early stages of this grand opening of your spiritual expression.
So it will not always be comfortable” (Contact Mark for his free
newsletter and for the events he will be doing here in Seattle and Portland

Get ready to build for your own life is my take on this.
AND get ready to see you needing to VOTE in the people
who will create the changes you personally want to see happen.
Get ready to roll your sleeves up and make life better for yourself
and know that by doing that, you are going to HAVE TO work for the planet.

NO air or food,
NO US, right?

So, look for someplace to donate what you have to give. Time, teachings,
energy, a smile even is a donation isn’t it? LOOK at what you have to give
personally, look at your talents, abilities and know the time to begin is
IF not now, then when? Is the theme of these world changes.

AND IF NOT YOU, then WHO does it?

IT is time to heal ourselves, heal the planet and become what the Great
Spirit intended of us.
Aka God, Buddha, the light, the Universe or whatever you choose to call
higher power.

Pluto in Capricorn asks us to ALL become that HIGHER power for ourselves and
world.and I truly believe we can do it. So , begin today with someone
I shall organize my office to be able to reach out to you more efficiently.
And answer e mails of some folks who had a rough year.. …

IT begins with YOU and me, RIGHT NOW:

And For those of you who are History buffs, you can research some
of these changes as Pluto moves to a new sign in the information below.
For the rest of you just know that the Pluto Generations who are alive
now are mainly
Pluto into Cancer 9/10/1912,
Pluto into Leo 10/7/1937 ,
Pluto into Virgo 10/20/1956,
Pluto into Libra 10/5/1971
Pluto into Scorpio 11/5/1983
Pluto into Sagittarius 1/17/1995
and now We launch January 2008 with PLUTO into
Capricorn asking us to INITIATE ourselves to be the
Best we can be, to leave fear behind and to begin to build
The world we keep whining about not having. THE time is now
To DO our part. and that means being ready to step up and
Do the work ourselves.AND make the necessary changes and
Vote for people who will assist with this ..

I think this might be some Interesting information for those
who like History..

8/13/1503 Pluto To Sagittarius
12/23/1515 Pluto To Capricorn (Which is happening this year)
2/1/1532 Pluto to Aquarius the ENERGY OF CHANGE and revolution
3/20/1552 Pluto to Pisces for a PISCEAN GENERATION
(look at history and what beliefs about religion and spirituality
were undergoing during these times.
4/24/1577 Pluto to Aries
7/7/1606 Pluto to Taurus
7/8/1638 Pluto To Gemini
7/23/1668 Pluto to Cancer
9/2/1692 Pluto to Leo
10/17/1710 Pluto to Virgo
11/14/1724 Pluto to Libra
12/5/1736 Pluto to Scorpio
12/10/1748 Pluto to Sagittarius
1/7/1762 Pluto to Capricorn (which is happening this year)
4/3/1777 Pluto to Aquarius
4/11/1797 Pluto to Pisces
4/16/1822 Pluto To Aries
5/20/1851 Pluto to Taurus
7/21/1882 Pluto to Gemini
9/10/1912 Pluto to Cancer (There were 3 retrogrades from 1912 to
May 26, 1914 when it really FINALLY entered into Cancer to stay.So
Anyone Born 1912 to May 1914 May have Pluto in Gemini

10/7/1937 Pluto Moved into LEO went retrograde 3 times
and finally entered Leo to stay in Cancer on 11/9/143 to
when it goes into Virgo on 10/20/1956

10/20/1956 Pluto into Virgo and then went retrograde and
backed into Leo 1/14/57 and then moved Again into Virgo 8/18/57 to stay
until it went into Libra 10/5/71

10/5/1971 Pluto To Libra then Retrograde and backs into Virgo on 4/17/1972
And forward to stay in Libra on 7/30/72 until it moved into Scorpio on

11/5/1983 Pluto moved to Scorpio until it backs into Libra on 5/18/84 and
then forward
And again into Libra 8/28/84 to stay until it enters Sagittarius 1/17/1995

1/17/1995 Pluto to Sagittarius Backs into Scorpio 4/20/1995 and
then again to Sagittarius 11/10/1995 to stay in Sagittarius until it
enters Capricorn 1/25/2008

1/25/2008 Pluto Enters Capricorn 11:25pm pst then it backs
into Sagittarius 6/13/2008 until 11/26/2008 when it re enters
Capricorn to stay until it enters Aquarius on 3/23/2023

3/23/2023 when Pluto Enters Aquarius until it backs into
Capricorn 6/10/2023
Then re enters Aquarius 1/20/2024 then backs for the
3rd time into Capricorn on 9/1/24 until it Finally
re enters Aquarius to stay on 11/19/2024 until it enters Pisces on 3/8/2043

3/8/2043 Pluto Enters Pisces and backs into Aquarius 8/31/2043
and re enters Pisces 1/19/2044 to stay until it Enters the FIRST
Sign of the Zodiac again Aries 6/18/2066

6/18/2066 Pluto enters Aries and the zodiac begins anew

IF you look at when you were born and remember your life cycles you
will find some MAJOR Shifts happening when Pluto changes signs.

From the age of 10 I knew I wanted to work with people in a HOSPITAL:
I began this career at 14 years old when I worked in a nursery
in a home for unmarried Mothers in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1995 during the time when Pluto
Moved to the sign of FREEDOM Sagittarius in my VALUES
and first house of self. I quit healthcare and became an
astrologer full time. SCARY BUT the best choice of my life…

I am a PLUTO IN LEO Generation and can track major changes in my life by
Pluto, what about you?

Looking at the next few years I would think that many of us
Will see as more changes than we would have believed possible. AND knowing
That we do have power to help make those changes is a very important part of
This whole theme.

So, no throwing up your hands and saying “I cannot make a difference”
Everyone by everything they do makes a difference.
Listen to your heart and soul and Answer the calling you
are feeling so strongly right now to begin this SECOND to help to
make the world a better place.

I wish you joy and love and NO FEAR and Peace within your own heart as this
Where it has to begin (within your heart and head) to spread to the world.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers.
The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the
status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify,
or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things. They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can
change the world, are the ones who do.

Namaste Carol Barbeau
carolastro@carolbar beau.com
http://www.carolbar beau.com

IF you would like a personal appointment or a cd about this
please contact me as carolastro@carolbar beau.com

Welcome to a NEW ERA…and a BETTER WORLD:: for us all…