“Art is life, life is life, but to lead life artistically is the art of life.”

Peter Altenberg

YES! This is the real deal isn’t it. We are all seeking to live in harmony, some of this, a little of that, now bring that over here and take a nap.

hiphop culture has a saying “it’s ALL GOOD” which speaks volumes about balance and flow.

This idea of All Good has help me find a new way to balance life. Don’t Sweat stuff. Do your best, keep in mind your intentions towards your family, friends, community and work and then live your life.

Be there fully in each moment. Look up to the sky, see the beautiful full moon tonight, feel the weight of your child sitting all curled up in your lap, smell that cup of green tea as you bring to cup to your lips, savor everything as if you are doing it for the very first time,

remember it’s ALL GOOD this is the art of life