from: Simon Nightstarr

“If you spent just five minutes in an attitude of solid trust in
yourself, your greatest dreams would begin to explode into reality.”

Trust is my spiritual keyword for today! Not only will I contemplate
trust, I promise to allow the flame of trust within me to grow even
brighter as I practice the FEELING of trust. “Be comfortable with
trust,” I hear the angels sing.

I give thanks to myself for all the times that I have trusted, and I
savor the delicious feeling of accomplishment. I thank the Great
Spirit for giving me a heart of trust and I thank my Divine Self for
entrusting me with new courage and strength to accomplish my life’s work.

The path of trust is without end. Walking in faith is greater than
walking in order to get someplace, for trust is its own destination.
My path is illuminated by the light of my trust, for trust gives
clarity and direction. Today I am reminded to trust that all is well
on my journey. Amen.