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Posted by: “Satina” dharmaworker
Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:17 pm (PDT)
What the Equinox is Bringing…

Maybe you feel it. A HUGE wave of energy rushing
toward the planet. Maybe, like me, you’ve been
exhausted, weepy, achy, irritable, unfocused,
depressed, and restless all at the same time, unable
to summon up a desire for anything. And it’s
accelerated this past week, hasn’t it?

Wondering what that wave is bringing?

Just the New Earth, that’s all.

But what will that look like in practical terms for

The end of the fear-matrix. Which means that anything
AT ALL which feeds on fear, which is founded on fear,
which exists out of fear…is going. FAST. It will
disappear from the face of the Earth and be replaced
by the love-matrix, which supports only those
creations that align with your heart and the Divine
Plan for peace on Earth.

Okay, but what will THAT look for you?

It means any relationship that you maintain out of
fear, obligation, or ‘because you feel you have to’
for any reasons…kiss it good-bye.

It means any job you keep out of fear of not having
enough money, or fear of going out on your own, or
fear of following your real dreams…is already
falling apart and is destined to end quickly.

It means if you live somewhere that you don’t really
like, but that you feel is practical and you ‘can’t
leave’…you may as well as start packing now.

It means any organization or institution which profits
from or incites fear in any way is going to crumble
rapidly to make way for ones that are about love, so
if you are still dependent on those things, it’s time
to pull out and find the New Energy way of meeting
those needs.

EVERYTHING that is founded on fear…everything that
you hold onto out of fear…everything that controls
your life through fear…it’s all GOING.

And everything your heart truly desires will be laid
before you, just as soon as the place is made ready
for it. And, ready or not, the place WILL be made
ready for it. The Divine Plan waits NO longer.

I hope this helps you get through the next difficult
week or so before the Equinox, and also through the
phenomenally dramatic upheaval that it will bring.

Love in the Highest Octave,