July 21, 2:18 AM

from Tima Vlasco

Total Solar Eclipse July 22 2009 PredictionsThese predictions are the core essence of the Total Solar Eclipse’s effect on the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

These predictions are only for that one particular note sounded by the eclipse on each sign. A loud bass note to be exact.

These aren’t the only notes being played in the symphony of life at the moment. But, this note is very significant, not only because this is the longest total solar eclipse in the twenty-first Century (6 minutes and 39 seconds and another like it, not until June 13, 2132) but it occurs in an Anaretic degree which is the last degree of a sign at 29 degrees Cancer.

An Anaretic degree points to an issue that must be address this lifetime and one that must be absorbed before the Sun passes into the next sign of Leo.

The effects of a Total Solar Eclipse last from 3 months to 3.5 years.

The eclipse will last 6 minutes and 39 seconds, with the maximum eclipse occurring in the ocean at 02:35:21 UTC about 100 km south of the Bonin Islands, southeast of Japan.

New York won’t get to see this eclipse because it occurs on Tuesday night, July 21 from 10:35pm to 10:41pm Eastern Daylight Time.

General Forecast

For the next three years, this eclipse will make you more aware of the bass notes of your life. The subwoofer of reality will sound a strong note of echoing belief systems programmed into you from your heritage, family of birth, and consensus reality brain washing.

There will be a deleting process in the beginning, then a defragmenting, and eventually a cleaned up hard-drive (only the programs that work will run) to face the new vistas, new worlds to explore, and a new start on life. Don’t resist what falls away and clatters out of your life at this time. What falls apart now, was broken to begin with and what issues are in your face these days are those injured in the past, painful points in our psyches we guard and protect from harm, that have drained all our energy.

This is one last painful press on those “buttons” to release them forever.

The energy released will be phenomenal and you will be surprised how much creative genius is let loose. Long-standing problems will find solutions, your mind will function clearly and no longer will you be so willing to follow consensus reality like a sheep to slaughter, but create a renaissance of creativity and invention.

Total Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009: Predictions for all 12 zodiac signs continued


The bass note sounding over the next three years: “What battle have I been fighting my entire life?”

Though Aries is the least likely to be influenced (or so they think) by anyone, the coping pattern is to just be so busy “seizing the day” that the flurry of activity never gives them a chance to reflect on what is motivating them. This eclipse resounds a strong sounding cord in what security issues have been motivating your life up until this point and what beliefs drive these motivating factors. Pluto will make it more than obvious what the honest truth of what these beliefs are. It will be shocking to discover that your heroism, the fights and battles and tireless efforts may have had roots in some conventional dream. You may secretly be embarrassed that you were driven by mundane goals of home, fame and family and not the heroic quest of the Holy Grail. Is this an embarrassing fall from your unbeatable warrior status? Were you really so generic? No, it’s a time to fight the battle and rise to the challenges that are meaningful to you personally and not just be the hero to your clan. It’s time to claim your creative spirit.

Recently, grandiose news came in from your social network, promising tidbits of new connections, some fanciful, some junk disguised as your dream, but for now these are just samplings of ideas. Your clever retorts in your ready-made bag of word tricks don’t go over so well in the new network or they may be just as bored as you of the same-old, same-old, so you will be challenged to invent new more clever ingenious catch-phrases (your weapons in the battle of life) based on a completely brand new belief system that can really make a buck this time and not just invest in property that is worthless. A new repertoire of conversations, new networks, lots of flirting twitters and tweets, horizons open and finally you get to grasp at something that really turns you on.


The bass note sounding over the next three years: “What are you saying? Do you hear yourself?”

You may have been “talking yourself” into a nice, cozy, secure idealized job situation. It looked very promising, grand vistas appeared ahead of you and you’ve met some important and cool new people. But this eclipse crashes down like a falling Tower Of Babel. Misunderstandings left and right, betrayed promises, the queasy feeling you left the gate open and wolves roamed in during the night. What went wrong? Taurus has a hard-wired morally correct belief system; it also has innate good taste and sense. But, while a connoisseur of shape, form and beauty, the wheels of the mind hear more of the sounds coming out of people’s mouths, than their words. Waking up to the fact that some people around you are very adept at controlling the tone of their voice and expressing ethereal beauty, doesn’t mean they weren’t snake oil salesmen or under delusions of grandeur and great money making schemes.

The point of this eclipse for the next three years is to PAY ATTENTION to the words, what’s behind the veneer. This goes for how you talk to yourself as well; do you lull yourself into a false sense of security? Is just being morally correct “good” enough? How are you hypnotizing yourself with outworn repetitious values. Is endlessly discussing the good and bad, the way to the bank for you? No. You need a real home now, not a mortgaged one and even if it’s a matchbox, it will be yours, no moving back home this time. Advice: Multiple home-based projects on the side that will bring in more contacts and cash. Build that home-office and this time it’s not the fluorescent lights in a 9-5 secure mundane job (though keep yours in the meantime if you have one) but a surge of creatively inspired work. You will never believe life could be so beautiful and enjoyable.


The bass note over the next three years will sound like: “I uncover the truth of what I depend on.”

Was it the value of your property, your 401K or an inheritance you secretly thought would be yours or even your partner’s promotion and future that you were secretly depending on? Things haven’t been sizing up so well and its scaring you out of your wits. Don’t worry Gemini, but you really have to stop the bubble bee behavior for a second or two every day and ask yourself if you recently started indentifying yourself with what your make and how much you are worth (partner’s assets combined).

Your forte is your intelligence, humor and inventiveness. Those are the values to depend on. The eclipse will bestow upon you a magical gift of gab. This isn’t your normally wry, black humor or clever banter. It will be warm, inspiring and motivating to those around you. It will take you some time to adjust to this new found golden tongue. It will surprise you that if you speak with intent and not just for the sake of conversation, you can make your dreams happen. So, watch what you say and this bass note will fine tune your ear to finally see, how frustrated and exasperated people were with you over the years with your endless talking about yourself and others on a superficial level.

That empty feeling in your gut wasn’t hunger for a new fangled food at a gourmet restaurant, money or a new job or kid, or “when this happens I will be happy.” What was missing was “feeling” from your communications. Feeling is what makes us human. You weren’t recognizing yours and so you couldn’t really recognize them in others. An entire dimension of life went missing. Time to get your other half back.


The bass note over the next three years will sound like: “I have a strong sensitive self that doesn’t quiver, but feels and expresses profoundly”

It’s surprising sometimes how the usually sweet, home loving Cancer can get involved in some of the most intense, confusing, dangerous, emotionally turbulent relationships. It must be because for water signs, emotions are the air you breathe. But are you really in touch with your feelings or do you mistake your feelings with your needs?

The big issue for Cancer is security, a security based on the physical security of family and home but also psychological security of “knowing oneself”. Sometimes, this need for security becomes so overwhelming you forget you are not the only one in the room and your security is not the only priority of the moment. If the environment doesn’t except your sensitive self, you might lose the present moment and become swamped by your insecurities.

The lesson of this eclipse in the last degree is that you have finally hard-wired within you something of a stable self within your Self and generally you just plain value and respect yourself more. You take your time before you get flustered and have more wisdom coming out of your mouth than usual and a disciplined pen that can jot down those pearls, than you ever had before.

A few events over the next few years will make it truthfully obvious to you that having emotional outbursts does not mean you are creatively living your life. You will no longer mistake nervousness and intense emotion as creative forces.


The bass note sounding over the next three years: “You’re kidding, I thought my life was over and now I’m in the spotlight. Am I ready?

There have been some MAJOR changes lately in your life. It is as if you suddenly have said to yourself: “If I don’t do it now I never will!” The eclipse brings intensity to your desire to express yourself and to be known for who you are. In the past you let these desires slide by, hiding the bright light of the sun that rules you. Pluto is giving you power; the power to overcome any resistance and any insecurities you may have had till now. You may get hit left and right, fall down, see you didn’t give your best, but you will get up, make no excuses, feel no regrets for the past, and finally accomplish your dream and be recognized for it. Partners will bring those old, dusty dreams back into your life; that manuscript that has gathered dust, that idea for a business you didn’t have the money for, and the urge for the limelight you repressed while taking care of everyone else like the savior/martyr role you cast yourself in years ago.

The losers in your life have to go, any hint someone is take you for a ride isnot ignored, and the game you play with people who are cold to you while you endlessly try to get their approval is not on the roster of events anymore. No time for other’s endless issues and seeing yourself in the mirror of others’ eyes.
With some revision and a few changes you will complete your creation finally and siphon that creative force into making something of yourself.

Your relationships with lovers and family, friends and children will undergo radical changes. Changes brought on by the release of old psychological burdens and your new found ability to take criticism without taking it personally. You will not be able to control your loved ones, children, lovers, co-workers or anyone ever again. Those days are gone.

The motto is: Place more emphasis on being your beautiful self and let those who applaud… applaud, and those who don’t get you, they can go jump in a lake and move on.


The bass note sounding over the next three years will sound like: “I was just so popular, who turned off the lights?”

Well, the lights were turned off for a reason. The test is going to be getting a grip on your self-defeating behavior. You can’t keep falling back on that pure soul, good person, humble self, victim of circumstance dance anymore. And you can’t toot your moralistic philosophy when you hypocritically still depend on something from your heritage to support you that everyone knows is holding you back. It could be a home you inherited or even worse, you still living at home, or living in your workspace or armed services or jail. It doesn’t matter where, but you got cozy and comfy and distracted yourself with your good “buddy-talk” with friends, partners and co-workers.

Well, the partners are curiously finding their freedom, their addictions you have been taking care of all come to light and your friends it appears were wooing you into a false sense of extended family. Now they are not around as much anymore. The key is to look at any vows of chastity or poverty you made, in this life or the last or any vows that support the value of sweating for peanuts. You have good, no great ideas downloading in your brain at record speed. Talk about them, don’t get a loan just yet to get them materialized but filter through the possibilities and don’t talk about the last time you tried and failed.

This is time to prepare for your entrance into true success in any way that is meaningful for you. But, you don’t want to make that entrance carrying a garbage bag of “should” and “must” ; the time is ripe for that pet project that starts from nothing and grows into a flourishing business, lifestyle or meaningful daily life of just doing what you love to do and changing the world as you do it.


The bass note sounding over the next three years will sound like: “I didn’t know how many decisions I made, especially the work I chose and the place I live, because of my family, my kids or my heritage and now everything is changing?

Libra likes working and being one-on-one. It’s a Libra forte. But the eclipse says you pushed the envelope of the limits of your work choices in life and you have completed your mission as a “good person,” “good citizen” and “good mother or father” metaphorically or not. You are an expert at relationship okay? Now we need to see what you’re made of in a bigger network of people and experience. This has been lurking for a while in the back of your mind. You have questioned whether where you are living is the right place for you and whether you are just comfortably sleeping at your job and deflecting any wild creative urges, into finding or maintaining your relationship with your “significant other.”

In any case, you know this routine is wearing out. There are only so many trips you can take, books you can read, push-ups and shopping sprees you can go on. Something will happen, some permanent, cord-cutting experience that will wipe your slate clean, and you’ll be walking down the street saying to yourself, “just a few minutes ago, I had my life planned.” Now, the entire world is my stage and will spend the rest of the three year eclipse influence filtering through all the opportunities and visiting some of those people in foreign places on your friend’s list.


The bass note sounding over the next three years is: “I’ve confirmed I have a great gut instinct, intuition and knew the truth about reality the day I was born, I dipped my toe hesitantly in the waters of social reality for years, sometimes engaged, sometimes bored stiff with the stupidity around me and now I’m ready to come out in full force and take on the world”

You’ve got the answer, you always had. Your silent glare always contained the truth, if only someone could have the guts to look you straight in the eye without turning to dust. You didn’t waste a lot of energy all these years –correction- you didn’t use all your energy all these years, because you knew, if it came out full force, the world would be a desert.

In any case, the critical lesson was that some last tweaks of the bomb you’re going to drop on the world were just what were needed. You knew that, but then again you don’t like wasting time with fools. So, you waited, smiled, everyone thought you were the sweetest thing. Well, no, I’m lying. They were afraid of you and especially afraid when you were nice. Your presence in a room was like how the platform feels right before the train arrives. You rumble when you walk.

Behind the scenes of this Solar Eclipse, the Sun is going to send a blast of creative force and like a Solar Flare beam down your magnetic power to Earth. You will become a magnet for “moving the masses.” They won’t know what hit them and like a fly to a spider’s web be hypnotized by your truth. No ifs, ands, or buts, no calling you enigmatic or strange. The truth will hit them speechless and you no longer have to hide behind your enigmatic silence or forceful controlling tirades.

Whatever you do over the next three years will be recognized for its depth. Doors open, freedom to pursue anything you want is there and some cool successful people have your back. Just don’t get pulled into over-inflated schemes and let go of the stories that limited your perception of what is possible in this world. You were right about this being a world of blind fools, but you were wrong that this world wouldn’t eventually embrace you. Just go large, big crowds, mass media, personal creations that take the world by storm, the next 1 million hit YouTube video, the next photo that travelled the world, the performance that blew them all away. You know what and where you have to do it.


The bass note that will be sounding over the next three years is: “I have been superficial and using, I know. I covered it up with grapevine philosophies and now I’m cornered and have to be real.”

You may think that the significant people in your life are fickle and your relationships taste like fast food. You may believe that the business and partnerships you’ve made are tying you down more than your freedom loving soul can bear. But whether you realize it or not, you are changing, the eclipse is giving you a much needed depth. Sagittarius is a fire sign, not only a fire that gives warmth and joy but it is particularly, a moving, mutable fire. It isn’t a spark like Aries, a stable burning fire like Leo, but a fire that travels, moves and burns up everything in its path.

Sometimes though, Sagittarius moves so fast forward that he doesn’t take time to enjoy the ride. Pluto makes you stop and take yourself more seriously and be a bit more honest about possible mercenary tendencies that have crept up in your relationships. I know you won’t agree, you are not like that, they aren’t like that, but your love of experience and the good life may have saddled you with a few contracts you didn’t read the fine print on.

It isn’t enough that you can reach higher minded thoughts and uplift souls. You are more than just the life of the party. Listen to your lovers; listen to what anyone you meet says to you now. They will help you confront the truth about yourself. It is sometimes hard for a Sagittarian to accept the fact, they have at times been manipulative; even if that manipulation is a type of passive inattention to what is important to others. Yes, you are right, you know right from wrong. But the universe is calling for you to go beyond this philosophical attitude and be real.

You will meet up with soul brothers and sisters from all over the world these next three years. Synchronistic events will bring you together and you will share the stories of your meeting for many years to come. Somehow, these encounters will touch you all in such a way as to make you believe there is something greater moving us all, bringing us together in miraculous ways. You will definitely feel a touch of the Divine guiding your life.


The bass note that will sound over the next three years will sound like: “Okay, I can’t get away with acting like the serious professor or successful business woman to have clout anymore. I’m going to have to be powerfully honest and share my profits, inspire a good work ethic, and be a real person in order to get ahead this time.”

Secrets, secrets and more secrets. Secret lovers and secret enemies; and we all thought you were such a down to earth practical sign. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know what was going on. With Pluto right on your tail now and for some time to come, you will be confronted with everything hidden. Hidden truths within your subconscious and hidden enemies, lovers, and power plays, will all come to the surface.

This may explain many unexplainable events over the last few years. Why some project of yours was sabotaged, why some relationship faltered. Now you the truth will be looking at you in the mirror. I can’t say this is going to be too easy to accept at first. But if you get the message, you’ll see that co-worker working against you actually wanted you to love them, or some lover cheated to make you jealous and want them more. You’ll get a clearer picture of what was really going on in any case.

What you should realize now is that anyone who is in the public eye will have gossips and jealous people surrounding them. In fact, this is quite the compliment. You can’t be jealous of someone who isn’t successful at something, whether job or relationship. You are moving up, and this eclipse tests your commitment to your goals.

You’re wise enough and a good enough business person to know that the economy is unstable right now and you do remember that last time were over- confidence led you to doom. This time though, the ideas are fantastic, they are high tech, internet savvy and will make money. Problem is there is no one you can hook up with to invest. All that’s there is hard work, which you can’t handle single-handedly. The secret: Inspire pride in work and give others a percentage of the profits. Give them part of your land to grow stuff on and raise their families, give someone who lost their home a bed to lie in, in exchange for work on your special project and you will prosper over these next 3 years.


The bass note sounded over the next three years is: “I am even bored with isolation, my eccentricity and my genius, I want to play and love and feel engaged with others in a real rapport”

You unpredictable Aquarians have dazzled everyone lately with your predictable eccentric routines (this makes sense if you know Aquarians) and then from time to time you go and change, manipulating our attention and keeping us on a long leash of what’s next or not. Well, Pluto has everyone telling you the truth and confronting you with years of changed plans due to your eclectic tastes.

Care is needed to not use your new Neptunian powers to “spiritualize” everything you touch because not all of it is real, in this world at least. Your genius ideas are a hard ideal to live up to and a lonely one at that. Rather, have Neptune’s influence inspire you to things beyond the mundane daily reality, but keep you honest about your mortal imperfections. Within your mortal nature are the redeeming qualities, God is in the details, and human qualities are what you need to attract that “significant other” which, by the way is the issue now.

You buried yourself in daily routine due to recent stability but inherent boredom in the workplace. But now you are going to be confronted with how in adept you are in relationship and surprisingly how romantically ill you get. It’s going to be a three year Hollywood movie; drama, comedy, romance, action thriller movie at that. This is a very welcome influence.

Fortunately, Cupid’s arrow blurs the imperfections that get you stuck all the time. It will bring you though, a love and romance will blind you to that small fault you break up with everyone about and give you a chance to have a good time and play. You have worked hard all these years and you definitely need a break. Your work isn’t going to go anywhere if you leave it for a while. So have a good time and don’t get too carried away; wouldn’t want that romantic comedy to turn into a Greek tragedy.


The bass note sounding over the next three years is: “Too many people, how can I save them all? One at a time in cahoots with the Universe.

The eclipse can really make or break you now. You are so well networked; everyone can see you and your profile on Facebook. It’s a bit unimaginable that you Pisces really have to be concerned about social status, work and more generally how the world sees you and how productive you are. It’s so uncharacteristic or is it?

What you offer the world and what your niche is will need to be embraced whole-heartedly, not the usual phasing in and out of reality stance you usually approach daily trials with. You won’t be able to rely on any religious works to back up your arguments anymore or defend your procrastination.

These three years are going to be about what inspiring, transcendent, multi-dimensional daily life is all about. How are you going to wing living in this world and the world of Spirit? For one, you’re going to have to cut back on the savior trip and meet people as individuals with their journeys, lessons and plans. Anyway, there are going to be too many comings and goings of people in your space, you won’t be able to look after them all. You won’t be able to save them all this time, and you will confront another big Pisces reality-“surrender” to the moment and trust in the Divine. You won’t be able to serve the rush hour traffic in your life now.

These catalytic people, on the contrary are going to plug you into life and help you explore other ways of looking at things. It seems the objectivity gained by seeing how others perceive you will transform you. This brings in a variety of quirky individuals into your life. Accept them. Remember, if you are always with the same types of people you will never get to know the many amazing parts of yourself. Though Pisces likes to work behind the scenes, the eclipse is asking you get in touch with its primal creative force and share your stuff, your vision with the world in every little thing you do. Most people, who flaunt their power, do so by parading external sources like money or position or their mates.

You Pisces have Spirit as your source.

Dates to keep in mind:

The Total Solar Eclipse will be activated over the next three years by the Sun and Mars (as well as other planets).
These dates are the following:
Sun Activation:
Mars Activation

Activation just means the bass note will sound loudly again creating an event, experience or realization.

For those of you who know your Ascendant, you can read that sign as well. For those of you who want to know your Ascendant, you can go to Astrodienst and download or view your Natal chart. The website offers a variety of free applications and charts.