The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition introduces a new “double” food pyramid designed to aid consumers with selecting foods that contribute to a balanced diet and are sustainable for the environment.

The Double Food Pyramid was released more than fifteen years after the US Department of Agriculture developed and released the first Food Pyramid to illustrate how to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet.

As seen in the infographic above, the left diagram illustrates the suggested intake for each respective food group in increasing order as the reader moves down the pyramid, while the right diagram shows the corresponding ecological impact.

According to the Barilla Center,

From “Double Pyramid” can be observed that the food which is recommended more frequent consumption, are also those with minor environmental impacts. Conversely, foods for which consumption is recommended less frequent, are also those that have most impact. In other words, this developing new food pyramid shows the coincidence, in one model, two different but equally important goals:health and environmental protection.
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